WSLGAA regularly coordinates trainings and seminars designed to promote the sharing of knowledge among local government auditors and to assist in meeting Government Auditing Standards Continuing Education requirements.

Upcoming 2019 Training:

Additional details to be posted soon! Next training is tentatively set for September 2019, topic TBD


2019 Training:

In April, WSLGAA held a training on building analytic models in Excel, led by Peter Heineccius, Principal Management Auditor at the King County Auditor’s Office. Participants learned how to unlock Excel’s potential to create sophisticated analytical models, which you can use as criteria to support targeted and impactful recommendations.

In June, WSLGAA partnered with the King County Auditor’s Office to host a panel of past and current county audit executives. This included King County’s first performance auditor, Lloyd Hara. It also marked the 50th anniversary of the King County Auditor’s Office.

2018 Trainings

In April, Matias Valenzuela, King County’s Director of Equity and Social Justice, conducted a 2CPE workshop on Equity and Social Justice in the Audit Context. For a copy of his presentation follow this link:  WSLGAA ESJ Training Slides

In June, Marc Mayo from the City of Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission provided a training on ethics and how it relates to the work of auditors. This session helps fulfill the new ethics requirement for those who hold a CIA certification.

In September, Virginia Garcia, the Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee for the Association of Local Government Auditor’s facilitated a panel discussion on integrating equity and social justice into audit work. Panelists included Jane Dunkel from Seattle’s Office of the City Auditor and Megan Ko from the King County Auditor’s Office.

In November, we will hold a roundtable discussion of collective bargaining and its impact on audit recommendations.

2017 Trainings

In February 2017, King County Demographer Chandler Felt presented 40 years of economic and demographic trends in Washington and King County. For a copy of his presentation follow this link:

Washington and King County: 40 Years of Economic and Demographic Trends

In April, Minh Dan Voung, Senior Management Auditor with the City of Portland Audit Services Division discussed Maps and Geographic Analysis for Auditing. Minh Dan described techniques for using maps in auditing, demonstrated how maps can guide audit questions and fieldwork, and pointed out common pitfalls in mapping data. Follow this link for a copy of his presentation.

Maps and Geographic Analysis for Auditing

This summer we discussed recommendation follow-up with the following session:

After the Audit: The Trials and Triumphs of Recommendation Follow Up

In the fall the King County Audit Office presented a training on Effective Development of Graphics Using PowerPoint.